Our Story

A Tale of Two Boba Brother

Hello, Hallo, Hola, and Hey there, boba lovers! Welcome to the Amsterdam Boba Company, your European port-of-call for an instant tapioca treasure - bubble tea! Inspired by the traditional flavors of Taiwan, we're a crew enthralled by the enchanting allure of boba tea? Our mission is to spread that joy to everybody in Europe, making it as easy as microwaving your favorite leftover pizza!

Our story unfolds with two brothers, Taiwanese in heritage yet raised in the flower fields of the Netherlands. Both spent considerable time in Asia, both for work and for fun. During their time in the east, they fell in love with bubble tea. Unfortunately for them, the boba tea they could get in the Netherland was not as delicious as the ones they got at the local tea shops in Asia.

Fortunately, they stumbled upon JWay, the instant boba tea drink that lets you prepare bubble tea with the quality of a Taiwanese drink shop from the comfort of your home. Having launched in the USA a few years earlier, JWay quickly became a staple for bubble tea lovers in the States. Together with JWay the two brothers decided to bring instant boba tea to Europe. 

At Amsterdam Boba Company, we're all about the bubbles. And when we say bubbles, it's instant replay! Boba bubbles bouncing to the beat of your cravings, at your service. Embracing the online world to spread boba love, we're here to make your beloved bubble tea - or boba tea, as we affectionately call it - always within an arm's reach, just a microwave ding away!

So, boba buddies, are you ready to prance into the enchantingly easy world of instant bubble tea? Let's ride the wave together - one microwaveable boba tea at a time!